The Whole Bible.

The NFT space is so exciting. Despite its detractors and the scoffers, I truly believe they are the green shoots of a new way of doing just about everything. The Blockchain is the most interesting thing to be invented on the Internet, without question.

As I looked at the NFT space, I noticed that my Christian faith was not being represented that well… the only “Bible NFT” I could find was so plain and boring, and there wasn’t much else there.

So I decided to create a beautiful collection of NFTs, one for every single verse in the bible. Each one unique, with a unique background, and a unique background colour.

They’re also designed that cropping them into a circle – or hexagon – won’t cut off the design like so many do when you use them for your profile pic.

The Stats

I used the American Standard Version as the translation for this collection. I created an NFT for every single verse. Each verse has a unique background colour, and a unique overlay, with varying degrees of rarity.

40 Colour Variations

Varying rarities. The rarest colour is Green Gradient, just one item in the entire collection of over 30,000 has this colour.

7 Pattern Variations

Varying rarities. The rarest pattern is Plain with just 4 items.

Can't find a verse's NFT?

The script I used to load all the NFTs onto OpenSea may have missed some.
If you’re looking for a specific verse and it’s not there, please fill in this form, and I will mint the missing NFT for you.

Future Roadmap

At the moment, we have one feature linked to your NFT:

A ‘Context Matters’ page

It gives you some resources to understand your verse better, in the context of it’s chapter, as well as commentaries.

Future plans roadmap

If we achieve certain milestones with this project, we will introduce various extra features…

Mobile Phone Wallpaper Generator

Log onto the site with your wallet, and generate a mobile phone background image of your NFT.

Prayer Request / Testimonies Forum

I envisage a place where people can share prayer requests, and share testimonies of answered prayer. Of course, the Internet being the Internet, this will require moderators to keep things running smoothly.

On-website verse resources, video, audio, commentary, etc.

If we achieve this lofty goal, i want to expand the Context page to include far more useful and interactive content and materials.